Seven Horses Painting Direction According to Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra has several places to hang and pictures of the seven horses and some paintings can generate positive energy if placed in the right place. We are talking about art that gives positive energy from horses, especially horses at gallops.

7 Horses Painting Meaning

Seven horse paintings are an emblem of prosperity and strength, growth, peace and prosperity. A beautiful home by painting a seven-horse image is the most effective method to bring positive energy to your home. The painting of the seven horses with the sun on the background holds a significant symbolism in Vastu. They represent the essence of courage, power and strength, stability, peace and loyalty. They are believed to boost positivity in every aspect of your life.

Horses are the animals consider to be auspicious within Vastu Shastra. Paint seven horses to create a positive impact on all aspects of your life. Running horses is also considered as the beginning of speed and growth in your own life. Therefore, adding seven horses to the painting in the direction of your house will assist in increasing one’s efforts. This will lead to positive outcomes and ensure peace in your home, according to Vastu Shastra.

It is crucial to take into consideration the seven-horse painting Vastu direction, whether it’s your bedroom, living space or office workplace. According to Vastu Shastra it is believe that the South is among the seven horses that paint the best direction for a home. This South direction is associate with fame and success, which is the reason why it is recommend putting the seven paintings of horses on the walls to the South.

The Benefits Of Keeping The Painting

Seven-horse paintings of horses running represent speed. You should hang it on the wall facing east in your house, office, or wherever you want to encourage growth and progress at your job. Vasta Shastra also says that a painting of a seven-horse horse in your home can guarantee financial and peace of mind throughout your daily life.

According to Feng Shui as well, horses symbolize strength, speed and endurance. The idea of creating eight ponies running is believed to bring good luck peace, prosperity, and wealth at home. Eight horses represent eight desires of life, including Health, Career, Marriage Children, Personal Development Recognition, Education, and happiness.

Tips Put Seven Paintings Of Horses Running At Home

It is important to select a painting that has the horses’ faces have calm expressions. You must purchase a fierce seven-horse portrait for your home.

It is recommended to buy the white horse paintings when investing in the seven horses painting. The white color is intended to encourage growth, peace, success and prosperity. If you’re buying an item for the house or office, white is the ideal choice for your needs. Do not position the painting in a different direction since this will have a negative impact on your life and your workplace.

You should be very careful in choosing the painting with seven horses to use as a background. You should not choose the background that displays dust, storms or turmoil sunset or other unpleasant or negative weather phenomenon. It is not recommend hanging the picture of seven horse running in your study space or in your puja room. Do not hang it near the bathroom, the dishwasher or toilet area.

The painting depicting seven horses should be running horizontally and in straight lines and without any obstacles. You must show the horse running on open ground, not on a lake or in the water. Do not buy this painting if just have one horse running as it is believed that it’s bring bad luck. Do not let luck enter your house. It is important to choose a photo that features an odd number of horse.

You should think about buying an oil painting of a seven-horse with a red background, if you’re struggling with confidence and peace. It will boost self-esteem as the painting with a red background is influence by your planet Mars. It is best to avoid using paper as the medium for painting.


Decorating your house with seven horse paintings can bring financial stability and health for your family, according to Vastu Shastra. According to legend, this painting can bring luck from Goddess Lakshmi to your home.

7 Horses Meaning By Color

  • A white horse is a symbol for Moon. Planet Moon.
  • A blue-colored horse symbolizes Planet Saturn.
  • The gray-colored horse is the symbol of the planet Rahu/Ketu.
  • A horse with a color of orange is a symbol for Planet Sun.

Seven Horses Painting FAQs

What color horse painting is appropriate for at home? As per Vastu Shatra, you must select a painting that depicts seven horses in white. White is a color that symbolizes peace and purity.

Where are you keeping the picture of the seven horses in the office? To draw attention to the growth and prosperity of a business to attract prosperity and growth, you can put the painting of the seven horses at the southern wall in your office. Make sure that the painting is facing within the office.

Where are you keeping the seven-horse image in your office? It suggested to place the painting of seven horses in your South Wall of the office. It’s better if the horse face directed towards the office.

Which is the most effective Seven Horse paint direction to use in the at-home? A painting depicting seven horse best hung on the south wall of your home. It is wise to hang the painting in the same place as it is a path to fame and fortune.